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 A video testimonial from Jennifer....

A video testimonial from Peter....

My name is David J. and I am a client at the Community Care Clinic.  The services at the clinic are awesome!  I have been unemployed for three months and have had to look for resources to keep me going.  I noticed the clinic was having an exercizing program.  Also for participating you would receive a gas card.  This card would allow me to get groceries and go to AA meetings.  I am so thankful for the clinic being available to help people in need and willing to have programs that help others.

Thanks for being so nice to me.  So helpful and treating me with dignity and respect.  I am so glad you are here to help.

The Community Care Clinic has been very helpful to my family.  I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a carpenter.  We can't afford a monthly health care plan.  When we did get sick we would just tough it out.  In 2011 as the New Year started, my husband complained of his side being in pain.  He told me it had been going on for about a week but since we couldn't afford a medical bill of any kind he hadn't said anything.  I was able to call the Community Care Clinic and explained our situation and that we thought my husband might have appendicitis.  After being seen at CCC it was determined that he needed to have some tests done at the hospital and that evening was operated on.  Had the CCC not been able to see my husband, he would have just waited out the pain.  As inflamed as his appendix was, he might have died before we realized how bad things actually were.

I was fortunate to receive care from Dr. Airey.  He was my dentist before I lost my health insurance.  He and his staff have always been super nice and thorough.  Have always recommended other to try Dr. Airey.  Thank you, Community Care Clinic for helping me to maintain and save my teeth!  I am so grateful for these services.

The Community Care Clinic has helped me a lot. First of all they referred me to the right people to get help even after still helping me. I am very thankful everything that everyone has done for me. Thank you so much.

The clinic has helped me in a great time of need. Not having insurance and no way to receive medical help and prescriptions. The clinic has been a God send. Please help keep funding coming in.

Without the Community Care Clinic I couldn’t go to the doctor for my high blood pressure and I wouldn’t be able to afford my meds. They have helped me to not have a heart attack or a stroke. Thank God for them. I’m sure they have saved mine and many more people’s lives.

It has helped financially and health wise. There are wonderful people here. If this place wasn’t here I wouldn’t have a doctor. I’ve gone through surgery and everything. I love this place.

The clinic has helped me physically and mostly emotionally. It gives purpose to my life again. Through met getting better I will help others to not have to go through what I have. Together we will help others and figure out how to raise funding.

The Community Care Clinic has in actuality saved my life. I’m an epileptic with various health problems waiting for disability…I have no insurance and without their help would not have necessary medications, medical care and mental support.

Email from a clinic patient
“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Community Care Clinic. I became a patient in November of 2011, and the staff has helped me beyond belief. I have had high blood pressure for a while and have left it untreated due to lack of health insurance and affordability of doctor’s visits. I have gotten my blood pressure under control, and now take more precautions with my overall health…I feel that the community is very lucky to have a place to go to take care of their health and well being. Those of us without health insurance because our employers don’t offer it or we cannot afford the premiums now have help of being able to take care of ourselves. While I have worked most of my life up until recently, we are now a one income family with no insurance…Thank you so much and god bless.” – Anonymous Patient

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